Safelist Ranked for weekending 3/27/16

Posted: March 28, 2016 in Uncategorized


Hi Folks it’s been a while sense I posted a ranking report, I had a lot going on in my personal life I needed to focus on and was not comfortable with some of the numbers I was getting from my old tracker.

A couple of months ago I started playing with a new tracking service by Darren Olander and Troy Wray,  Smart-url and I have been very impressed with all the things you can do along with great tracking you also can brand any site you are promoting and customize using their action magnets! you should check out and give it a spin I’m sure it will just keep getting better.

Also I would like to point out a site thats been around a long time owned by George Kosch, he has moved it to the LFMVM scripe you can look at the numbers below and see it has been a very good move, already has a big member base seeing a large increase in activity there! 

The stats I have listed show which safelists and viral list builders are currently working best for me.  What works best for you might be something very different.

For My Ranking updates Click Here will plan on doing weekly ranking.

Look at the E-mails viewed that may be more important to you than the Top Referring sites!  and List Hoopla I use Smart-url  to Track  and Rank the sites I am using.




Visits by smart-url Views Actions by smart-url Actions
List Hoopla 5538 List Hoopla 20
Hoopla directory 2084 Rapid 9
Rapid 1663 Hoopla directory 8


Visits by Domain Views Actions by Domain Actions
1 789 4
2 717 4
3 498 3
4 463 3
5 395 3
6 374 3
7 direct 360 2
8 349 2
9 295 2
10 293 1
11 275 1
12 230 1
13 226 1
14 219 1
15 212 1
16 207 1
17 199 1
18 178 1
19 175 1
20 163 1

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