Ranking Information

 Ranking Information

The stats I have listed show which Safelists and Viral list builders are currently working best for me. What works best for you might be something different.……….

Key points for sites listed in My Rankings

..Traffic and Conversions.

..E-mail easy to read and click credit link, sites viewed open fast, small amount of down time.    (This determines the amount of  effort I will put into a site to earn credits)   

..Some of the sites I have listed I never have to read an E-mail because of my level of upgrade.

..Of course I can’t join every site out there, but the sites I have listed  do give you the performance information with my membership  level    

1.       The site I am advertising is List Hoopla, it’s the best Downline Builder I have been a part of. It plays a big role where I advertise and upgrade accounts. List Hoopla’s ranking are based on  more than sign ups it gives you:
  Raw Hits
Primary Conversion
Secondary Conversion
Bounce Rate
New Visitors
Unique Hits
Click percentage
Sender Score
best paying sites

2.       My Tracking numbers come from Hits Connect  which was put together for Traffic Exchanges. Hits Connect  works very well for Safelist / List builders giving you Day, Week, Month and All-time data. Any clicks on links in the site you are advertising are counted as conversions. 

3.       Look at as many ranking reports as you can, what you will see in most is that the same sites are   listed as top performers just at a different Ranking level.

4.       When looking at my or anyone’s Rankings you have to take in to account a number of things:

A.      Membership Level

B.      Times you can mail each week

C.      Text or html emailing ability

D.      The site you are advertising

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