My Top Ranked Safelist for December 2013

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Safelist & List Builders

Hi Folks just thought I would give you a update I will be totally back on track for the Jan rankings and weekly the 1st of Feb. Jan has been a tough month for me so far started off you a bad respiratory infection then we had the arctic  blast hit us here in the MS Delta and every water pipe in the house burst and had to be replaced which is still being worked on so for the month of Jan I haven’t done my weekly updates..Plan to back to weekly and monthly in Feb.

Here’s what I have for December, I had 89 real sign ups for Treasure Chest of ads, total clicks where at 336. this is a pretty happy number for me as I am promoting my own site and the clicks that where not sign ups for me was traffic for my members ads.

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