Ranking’s for Safelist & List Builders Week Ending 9/8/12

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Weekly Ranking

Look who’s number One The Lead Magnet I guess the Iron Man upgrade Pay’s!   🙂 

Ok a few things on this week’s Ranking

I have a new one listed MyCashlist.com this one uses the LFMVM script but you can view 10 sites before you have to start clicking the surf bar and only upgraded members can send mail. Not bad numbers there last week, we’ll see how it stacks up in the long run.

Next wow to many credits? I have my folders set in my email accounts, and what happens when I have enough credits to last me a few months that mailer goes into a folder (to read as needed) so I can keep up with the mail I need on a daily basis. Everyone should have some kind of system set to control the email flow. Anyway what I have seen is when I reach this point I start to see my numbers go down on that site.  I hate to see a great site spoiled from to many credits to fast.  

And then on flip side is a Great site that I can’t get enough credits to reach a large percent of the Member base as a upgraded member who reads all the email sent?

Can you guess who went in folders this week based on the numbers below?


The numbers below do not have any Solo ads, Banner ads, text ads or Login ads included. 

The site I am promoting is List Hoopla.

These numbers come from around one million Emails sent each week 

I am a upgraded Member in all of the sites listed

I am sending to more than 60 Mailers

Be sure to look at the Ratio’s also

Only Top Twenty are listed

Happy to hear your thoughts!

Source Hits Unique Conv. Ratio
theleadmagnet.com 732 43% 11 1.50%
viralnugget.com 668 65% 8 1.20%
gotsafelist.com 808 51% 7 0.87%
maxmailerpro.com 1,037 35% 7 0.68%
email-hog.com 310 69% 6 1.94%
mycashlist.com 261 46% 6 2.30%
listbonus.com 190 69% 5 2.63%
smgmailer.com 333 30% 5 1.50%
listadventure.com 242 55% 4 1.65%
listsurfing.com 496 69% 4 0.81%
members.toptiermailer.com 325 55% 4 1.23%
freesafelistmailer.com 316 45% 3 0.95%
yourezlist.com 98 50% 3 3.06%
twe-safelist.com 281 38% 3 1.07%
bweeble.com 490 63% 2 0.41%
elitesafelist.com 586 41% 2 0.34%
fastcashmailer.com 309 33% 2 0.65%
listzillion.com 202 59% 2 0.99%
lucidlistviral.com 209 29% 2 0.96%
megatrafficlist.com 90 51% 2 2.22%

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