Rankings for Safelist / Listbuilders Week Ending 8/25/12

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Weekly Ranking

Hi Folks I wanted to say a little about The Lead Magnet this week.

The lead Magnet has been listed 1# at Traffic Hoopla for 50 weeks and has been in 1st place at List Hoopla almost every week sense Bill Carr started List Hoopla. Why?

The Top 10 is a ranking of overall performance, most recent 30-days. Data collected is used to determine a composite score, overall ranking.

Raw Hits + Primary Conversion + Secondary Conversion + Bounce Rate +
New Visitors + Unique Hits + Click % + Sender Score = Overall Ranking

The Safelist Report is published every Thursday.

The Owner’s Stefan and Catarina Berg are a great Team, they have the skills to manage, respond to members need and saturate any Market to keep The Lead magnet growing and have the performance rated at the Top.I have known Stefan sense 2005 and I have used him as a role model in developing my own marketing style.

Ok that said, the last few months I have been concerned that The Lead Magnet has not been higher in my rankings. As they grew I still had good response to my advertising there, but not where I wanted it to be. My number of referrals in The lead Magnet just keeps growing and the income from there also so what to do?

I had a life time Power Magnet membership that I had won   🙂   I made a business decision last Wednesday I upgraded to the Iron Man level in doing this I now can:

Send about 19,000 more emails each week

Earn two out of three instant commissions instead of one out of two.  

Their numbers started up after my upgrade in mid-week I look forward to seeing what happens over the next few weeks.   🙂


The numbers below do not have any Solo ads, Banner ads, text ads or Login ads included. 

The site I am promoting is List Hoopla.

These numbers come from around one million Emails sent each week 

I am a upgraded Member in most of the sites listed

I am sending to more than 60 Mailers

Be sure to look at the Ratio’s also

Only Top Twenty are listed

Happy to hear your thoughts!

Source Hits Unique Conv. Ratio
viralnugget.com 829 66% 17 2.05%
maxmailerpro.com 1,253 34% 16 1.28%
theleadmagnet.com 469 49% 12 2.56%
members.toptiermailer.com 426 59% 8 1.88%
bweeble.com 528 76% 7 1.33%
smgmailer.com 410 31% 5 1.22%
adchiever.com 598 59% 4 0.67%
email-hog.com 331 67% 4 1.21%
freesafelistmailer.com 382 50% 4 1.05%
gotsafelist.com 713 49% 4 0.56%
safelistextreme.com 256 39% 3 1.17%
state-of-the-art-mailer.com 495 65% 3 0.61%
twe-safelist.com 264 39% 3 1.14%
wondermailer.com 438 35% 3 0.68%
elitesafelist.com 518 37% 2 0.39%
europeansafelist.com 120 43% 2 1.67%
hotspotmailer.com 267 45% 2 0.75%
listbonus.com 185 61% 2 1.08%
listshock.com 465 39% 2 0.43%
megatrafficlist.com 23 57% 2 8.70%

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